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The Security Investigator will use their knowledge and expertise in conducting investigations in order to minimize potential liability against Caesars Entertainment and in reducing the risk of exposure to civil liability.
The Security Investigator position exists to investigate complaints of criminal activity and/or employee misconduct.  This will result in incidents being cleared by arrest, employee termination or suspension, or by being cleared as unfounded or closed due to lack of evidence, thereby reducing Caesars Entertainment’s risk of exposure to civil liability.
The performance of the Security Investigator position will be measured by monitoring the Investigator’s ability to work a case from beginning to completion.  Also, to be measured will be the Investigator’s abilities to form working relationships with individuals from other departments, to form working relationships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, and in establishing and maintaining a database for later retrieval of information.

The following qualifications will be required for the Security Investigator.

High school graduate or equivalent is required
Prior experience in a position with direct guest contact is preferred.
Ability to manage several tasks at once
A thorough knowledge of accepted Gaming and Security procedures
Must possess good oral and written communication skills along with a good working knowledge of basic computer programs
Must be able to obtain and possess a Nevada Gaming Card, an Alcohol Awareness Card (AES), and have a current and valid Nevada Driver’s License.
Must possess investigative and analytical skills.
Must be able to work independently with little or no supervision.
Must pass Super LAP.

The Security Investigator is to investigate instances of criminal activity, guest complaints, and/or employee misconduct to minimize potential liability against Caesars Entertainment.  The Security Investigator will have specific responsibilities to include, but not limited to the following areas and criteria:



The Security Investigator will conduct investigations and gather intelligence to detect unlawful conduct or violations of Caesars Entertainment by employees or others, as directed by the Investigations Manager and/or the VP of Security or Director of Security.
The Security Investigator position will interact with Investigators from other properties as necessary.
The Security Investigator will communicate with other departments as needed with regard to investigations.
The Security Investigator will conduct surveillance as necessary in accordance with investigative circumstance.
The Security Investigator must demonstrate the ability to effectively conduct both a formal and informal conclusive interview.
The Security Investigator will review and make copies of video surveillance as required and disseminate per Caesars Entertainment guidelines.
The Security Investigator will prepare reports and evidence for use in legal actions, coordinating with Caesars Entertainment properties and personnel, local, state and federal law enforcement.
The Security Investigator will be “on call” 24 hours, 7 days a week, and as such, will respond to the property at the request of the Investigations Manager or higher authority.
The Security Investigator will represent the company and provide factual testimony at legal court proceedings and State Unemployment Hearings.
The Security Investigator will represent the company and provide factual testimony at Caesars Entertainment Administrative Hearings.
The Security Investigator will manage and participate in internal integrity checks, as warranted.
The Security Investigator will maintain a high level of confidentiality.
The Security Investigator must be willing to comply with long flexible hours during the course of an investigation.
The Security Investigator will track, analyze and maintain an incident database of trends and patterns to develop a pro-active curse of action, and will communicate trends and intelligence with all Caesars Entertainment investigative personnel.

To apply for this job please visit caesars.hodesiq.com.